Porsche Voted the Most beautiful Car Brand in the World

News from the US has given Porsche dealers plenty of reason to celebrate recently after it was announced that Porsche has been voted the world’s most beautiful car brand. Voters in the US voted the iconic brand as the most beautiful for an amazing sixth year in a row.

In the surveys list of most beautiful cars Porsche scored highly with the Gran Tourismo Panamera and the Porsche 911, which ranked second and third respectively. In the category ‘Premium Sporty Car’ the 911 came out top once again for the second year in a row.

The Apeal study (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) questions around 82,000 new car owners annually to determine what is attractive to the American market.

Porsche topped the brand rankings with an impressive 877 points out of 1,000 beating the second place brand Jaguar by 23 points and the third place BMW by 31. The rest of the top 10 were Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Audi, Lexus Acura, Lincoln and Cadillac.

The Chairman of the Board of Porsche AG said “The key to our consistent top performance are the continual advancements and quality improvements to our vehicles. Porsche’s outstanding ranking in the JD Power is a clear indication that our work is honoured by customers. The excellent overall results, including the very good cut for the Panamera, which made it to second place on its first go around, are the result of our persistent customer-orientation”.

Porsche Dealership is expecting a rush of customers to snap up these beautiful cars after this recent announcement.

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