Converting a Van

These days you can’t drive anywhere without seeing a New Commercial Van on the road. They are being used for all manner of things and whilst commercial use is as big as it has ever been for a van: whether that’s in the gardening trade, plumbing industry, painting and decorating or catering services to name but a few, vans have now become popular with private use too. Some vans have even gained cult status such as the Ford Transit.

With recycling and waste becoming increasingly more contentious in neighbourhoods, a need for a van can call on most of us every once in a while to do a ‘tip run’. But Vans are used for much more extravagant things now. Have you ever considered living in one for instance?

It may seem a little far fetched and highly impractical to most but you’d be surprised how many do. Especially those that are more inclined to be travelling, whether that’s following the surf around Europe for the summer or simply moving around frequently for work it certainly is a good way to keep costs down and whilst you don’t have immediate hook up to electricity and waste, there are various means of dealing with this.

People have come up with some ingenious ideas to convert their van into a liveable space. Incorporating a bed, storage, a kitchen area and often even a bathroom area you’d be amazed what can be done in a small space with a little creativity and some ability to compromise and adapt.  So, if you fancy a bit of a project and think you could benefit from having a van converted then check out a whole host of ideas online, but I would suggest you hold off on selling your house, for now.

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