Ford in Electric Car Partnership

Ford motor cars are moving even further into the electric car market. The American motor company has just created a partnership with Portland General Electric to further enhance its progression into this very new and competitive market.

The main concept of this partnership is for the two companies to work together in designing and implementing a charging network within the Oregon area.  The Portland General Electric Company have been at the forefront of this industry for some time and only last month opened the countries first quick charge station, with this in mind Ford have been quick to start this partnership and utilise both companies resources.

Mike Tinskey, manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure at Ford has spoken about the partnership saying “To support the roll out and acceptance of these vehicles it is important to work with local utilities to make sure the necessary infrastructure and grid capabilities are ready”.

Ford has been quoted as saying that it will be bringing five new electric cars to the market within the next two years. So with this in mind we can be assured of seeing Ford EV Vehicles on UK roads long before we first thought possible. Should you be searching for New Cars Taunton at the moment with the industry advancing so fast you may soon be searching for New Electric cars in Taunton with just as much ease.

So in the very near future when you buy a New Ford Taunton you will undoubtedly be choosing between electric and the traditional types of vehicle depending on your views and budget.

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