Ford to drop Prices

From the beginning of August, Ford is reportedly dropping the prices on all of its small and medium cars. This bold venture follows the car manufacturer’s price drop of its large vehicles back in April.

The lowering of the recommended list prices not only helps car showrooms but also reduce P11 tax liabilities for its drivers.  This move has pleased Ford partners and has shown that Ford is leading the market by applying this initiative across its car network all around the country from its Ford Dealership Taunton to its central London showrooms.

Ford has followed these trends with great interest since they reduced large vehicle prices earlier in the year and hope to follow them into the smaller car market. Promotions from March this year have already included a 15% price reduction and have helped to boost the sale of new cars this year in the critical months. The price reduction was such a success that it was immediately carried through to the entire Ford car range.

Many Ford car dealers have been expressing feelings that the consumer is feeling confused with high recommended list prices matched to high discounts. Ford has been working continuously with their dealer partners to ensure that the Ford car purchase process is made more transparent and that the cars value remains a great factor.  With this in mind customers can now experience a Ford car at a fantastic price from reputed dealers such as the Taunton Ford dealership and enjoy peace of mind and the best value for money possible.

Another action being sanctioned at the same time as the price reductions on large Ford cars is the reduction of Dealer prices to support its dealer’s networks, this process called ‘Blue tag pricing’  completes the companies actions throughout its entire car range.

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