Kim Kardashian damages her Bentley

Nobody likes to damage their car especially when it’s a top of the range Bentley. Kim Kardashian the American socialite who has recently branched into producing, acting and modelling has damaged her black continental GTC Bentley whilst recording scenes for the TV programme Entourage.

It is reported that she failed to slow down whilst driving over speed bumps in LA and has caused almost £17000 worth of damage to her customised platinum bodywork.

The celebrity has had to warn valets across Hollywood that the Bentley continental GTC will make a lot of noise whilst they drive it.

The black all wheel drive supercar has a 12-cylinder, 6-litre, twin-turbocharged engine and features a very spacious interior space and has been Kim’s pride and joy for a long time. The Continental GTC Bentley range has a huge list of amazing extras including heated steering wheels, self levelling wheel badges and hybrid multimedia units.

Bentley Continentals have become very popular with celebrities due to their high performance and luxurious interiors. Bentley owners include Paris Hilton, Jay-z and Xzibit, many others have changed their Aston Martins or Porsches after visiting Bentley Dealers.

With its fantastic charms and exclusive appeal a Bentley Dealership is a place you can expect to see celebrities in on their days off browsing for an addition to their collections.

If you would like to see for yourself why Bentley motorcars have become so popular with everyone then a visit to your closest dealer will certainly suffice and show you the luxury and comforts they possess.

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