Thieves don’t do Pink

It would seem that even thieves have some sense. Not enough to stop thieving unfortunately, but enough to know what might draw more attention than they want and that could be to steal a car that has, let’s say, a rather bold appearance.

Researchers in the Netherlands had been following newly sold cars from 2004-2008 and found that, of the 109 pink cars that were sold, not one had been stolen in four years whilst a large number of other coloured cars had been stolen. The cars that were stolen tended to be more conventional colours like silver, black and white. In fact, Black seemed to be the most popular colour to steal followed by silver/gray and then white.

Perhaps a pink Ford Focus Taunton just doesn’t cut it in the underworld or maybe they think that black has a more desirable professional, luxurious look. Or it could just be that they know if they are careering down the motorway at high speeds following the theft, a pink car is going to stand out far more than a subtle colour. In a high speed chase, the police will certainly have the upper hand following a pink car.

Next time you are on your local forecourt like Taunton Ford, it would be interesting to find out how many bold colours are sold each year, you may also want give them this handy research finding as it could be a sales tool for them when they get to do their pitch next.

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