Things to consider when buying a used van

Buying a van can be a mine field especially when it’s a second hand one that you are looking for. Whilst everyone looks at certain things when they buy a new van, this all becomes increasingly more important when looking at a used van. There can be many pitfalls to buying second hand and whilst there are also some major bonuses, you need to make sure you pick up a gem. The only way you can do that is to do research, plan, be clear on what you want and have a set budget in mind. Used Commercial Vans will have had various different owners, wear and tear and a history that is often hard to see.

Whether it’s a Ford Transit Connect or any other van, it is important to invest the time looking carefully to make sure it’s what you want and what you expect for the money you are spending. If you are not that confident at looking thoroughly at a van yourself, try and find someone you know that will have a better idea of what should be looked at.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is whether you buy privately or through the trade. Buying your van from a dealership, especially a well known one will generally give you much more peace of mind than buying off a stranger. You’ll also find that the van will come with a warranty, even a second hand one, so you can take it in if there are any problems once you’ve driven off the forecourt.

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