Transit Takes on Bigger Role at Palace

Hampton Court, the centuries old palace in Richmond upon Thames, London is as grand as palaces can get. Open to the public, it is considered one of the biggest tourist attractions for many. Hosting the highly successful Hampton Court Palace Flower Show every year and employing vast amounts of gardeners to keep the grounds in tip top condition, the palace is a hive of activity.

As part of its growing empire the need has come for extra vehicles and what better choice is there than the Ford Transit? The Estates Operations manager for the Historic Royal Palaces has said with regards to four new members of Transits joining the Palace ‘Three are being used by members of the 44 full-time gardening staff for general gardens and estate operations, including landscaping work and maintenance, and the other is used to provide stock to our retail outlets at the Tower of London, Hampton Court and Kensington Palace. We chose the Transit because of its ready availability and ease of maintenance’.

The new Transit Vans which are due to be added to the already existing small fleet of transits at the Palace will certainly be useful to the gardeners when it comes to maintaining the 60 acres of formal gardens. These are set in a further 750 acres of Royal parkland that provide the beautiful setting for the Hampton Court Palace.

All the vans have been liveried in the distinctive colours of the Hampton Court Palace and will be seen driving in and around the city of London in no time.

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