Ford set to Expand

It’s reassuring to know that after a lot of bleakness in the car market and many big companies declaring bankruptcy in one of the biggest recessions the world has ever seen, Ford is in the process of recruiting 120 new staff across its British factories.

Alan Mulally, the company’s boss is thought to be responsible for Ford’s success and played a pivotal role in turning the company around when he took over back in 2006 as chief executive. Where many companies fell, Ford ploughed through the recession independently of government bailout. It is believed the success is largely down to reducing the car’s brand in its large portfolio to be able to concentrate solely on the core Ford Marque. As a result Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo were all sold.

The Ford Company has dealerships all over the world including Ford Dealership Taunton along with factories in Dagenham, Bridgend and Southampton. In Dagenham, over 50% of all Ford diesel engines are produced and distributed around the world, whilst Southampton is the home to where the iconic Transit Van is produced and distributed.

£1.5 billion worth of investment has been secured for the UK Ford market to roll out over five years and Mulally is confident that Ford in the UK will continue to provide great jobs and great careers in technology and innovation. Looking on the bright side is a refreshing tonic to the bitter after taste of the world slump and Mulally is certain that Ford’s ‘renaissance’ will continue to blossom.

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