3 Popular Uses For a Ford Transit Van

The Ford Transit continues to be the most popular van on the market. Its 40 year reign over other competitors has led to it becoming a popular choice in both Britain and Europe. Of course the leading reason people choose to buy a transit is for commercial work purposes. Whether you are a builder or plumber, gardener or caterer, the need to transport goods, materials, tools or even high levels of waste is the leading factor in buying a new or used commercial van. The vans interior can be customised to store large items for almost any job and there are various extras you can buy that will ensure your tools and other equipment are safely stored in transit.

Another increasingly popular reason people are buying Transit Vans is to convert them into a camper. As people see the benefits of holidaying ‘at home’ more and more and a rising cost for flying ensues, people are deciding to buy a transit for its capabilities of conversion. Spending some time converting it allows the whole family to get involved and the transit can easily accommodate people for the odd weekend away. This of course also saves on hotel bills or renting out a cottage.

A third reason people decide buying a transit is a good idea is for the safe transport of wheel chair bound passengers. Again, as there are many options the manufacturers provide from wheelchair tie downs, straps and special tracks along with the ability to install ramps all contribute to helping the loading, unloading and transit of the passenger.

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