England’s Best Driving Road

It’s difficult to think of good old fashioned driving for the fun of it. Who enjoys taking time out to go for a Sunday drive anymore? With traffic jams, general congestion and a huge increase in volume of cars on the road, often the thought of taking your beloved New Ford Poole car out just for fun seems ludicrous.

Well, it’s not that ludicrous, and believe me there are some amazing roads in England. Ok, so we may not have Route 66 like America has or the Great Ocean Road in Australia to brag about but with England’s rolling countryside, deep valleys and breathtaking coastlines there really are some magnificent journeys to take: just for the fun of it!

A study undertaken by Garmin the satnav manufacturer came up with ten of the best roads in England. The top spot went to the A591 between Keswick and Lake Windermere, in the Lake District. The A82 from Glasgow in Scotland came second followed by the A38 from Exeter in third. Next was the M48 across the Severn Bridge, then the A696 from Newcastle to the Scottish border and then the A3 overlooking the Devil’s Punchbowl in Surrey.

Some of the places that you may not want to take your New Ford Dorset car is London which was voted the worst city to drive in, with the M25 which circles London being voted the worst road. The M6 came second with Birmingham Spaghetti junction, and London’s North Circular closely followed.
So whilst there are some hellish roads there are some that could quite easily put a smile back on your face, try it one Sunday.

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