Flood Advice this Winter

It seems inevitable that we will be faced with floods again this year, especially if the last few years are anything to go by, but even if we are not, we are still hit with flash flooding and so here is a bit of advice for when you’re driving in your Used Ford Cars to deal with such an event.

It may seem obvious but only drive down flooded roads if you really have to and only if you know the depth of the flood. It only takes an egg cup full of water to get into your cars air intake and ruin the engine. Diesel cars and turbo charged cars seem more susceptible to this kind of damage so bear that in mind too. Engine damage caused by water can be extremely costly if not catastrophic and often aren’t covered in your insurance so allows check your insurance documents before winter arrives.
Whilst going through the flood, drive slowly and be careful not to create a wave either side as you drive. This raises the water and will make it more likely that your engine will get flooded. If you find another car driving towards you and creating a wave then stop and turn your engine off. Once it has passed and the water has levelled you can start the engine and move forward again.

It goes without saying that if you can’t tell how deep the water is and it is getting deeper the further you drive into the flood then back up and try and find an alternative route. Always stay tuned in so you hear where any floods may have occurred whilst you are driving and if you are in an area that is prone to flooding try and park on higher ground to avoid your car sitting in floods. The damage caused could mean the end of your car so if the floods can be avoided then ensure you do

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