Reduce the Risk of Teen Accidents

It’s a known fact that teenage car accidents are regular and often fatal. Excited teens pass their test and are keen to go out in their new Ford Ka Poole with their friends and cruise around the town but unfortunately lack the experience us veterans have gained over the years.

Teenage drivers are less likely to be able to judge speeds, distances and traffic patterns along with other key factors that contribute to the majority of car crashes. Playing loud music and having many friends in the car also creates a distraction when they should be concentrating solely on the road and what is happening.

A growing number of car accidents are caused by mobile phone interaction, along with the use of iPods in the car and a large amount of teenagers use both. The first 500 miles a new driver will do are the most crucial; this is when they are ten times more likely to have a crash.

It is critical that whilst out in their New Ford Dorset they adhere to the following:

Reduce the risk of distraction. Make sure mobile phones and iPods are put away and not in arms reach. The more accessible both are, the more tempted they will be to reach for them: often with fatal results.

Always put their seat belts on. Seat belts greatly reduce injuries. Up to 35% of teenagers don’t wear seat belts.

Stick to the speed limit. Most teenagers will drive 10-15 miles over the speed limit. The limits are there for a reason so adhere to them.

Do not drink or do drugs and drive. In a teenager’s world, the temptations to do both are rife and it is important if they choose to drive to anywhere these are likely to take place they do not engage in either activity if they are to drive home.

As a parent, it is part of your job to go through these with your teenager to help ensure their safety behind the wheel.

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