The Importance of Tyres

The tyres on your car are one of the most important factors to keep you safe on the road, maintain good handling and keep your fuel economy in check. But despite all this three quarters of British motorists have under inflated tyres and underinflated tyres cost British motorists more than £2 billion a year. A whooping 90% of British motorists don’t know their own vehicles correct tyre inflation pressure and around 12% have at least one defective tyre.

So, even with New Ford Cars the least you can do is check your tyre pressure once a week. After all, correct tyre pressures will result in more responsive braking, safer acceleration, sharper steering, increased fuel economy and an optimal tyre life. By not checking and maintaining the correct tyre pressure you will experience faster wear on the tyres, less grip on the road which in winter is just hazardous, slower braking and a lower tyre life.

Other checks you should carry out weekly are the tread and depth of the tyre, bald tyres are illegal and unsafe, whilst having a look at the tread it is also important to check for any bumps, bulges, cracks, splits, cuts or any foreign object that has got lodged in the tyre. Any of these findings will mean that a tyre specialist will need to remove the tyre to inspect and fix the defect. It is unsafe to drive on less than perfect tyres so a weekly check will keep you and your family safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

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