The most common causes of accidents

It’s something that everyone will wince at. The thought of a car accident. But with so many more vehicles on the road than ever before and people wanting to get from a to b faster and easier its no wonder the rate of accidents is on the rise.

People who spend more time on the road doing higher mileage, like delivery drivers in Transit Vans, are unfortunately at a higher risk than most. This is due to the increased chance an accident may happen.

Stats show that the four most common reasons for a motorist accident to occur are in the following order:

  1. Equipment Failure
  2. Roadway Design
  3. Poor Roadway Maintenance
  4. Driver Behaviour

However, over 95% of all accidents involve some degree of driver behaviour. Primarily involving excess speeding or aggressive behaviour. Both of these aspects of driving tend to occur in people that are on the road more and are therefore more prone to get annoyed with other drivers.

Aggressive tailgating, flashing lights, beeping, rude gestures or even verbal abuse are all common forms of aggressive behaviour and it seems that we are all prone to behave aggressively with stats saying it is young, middle aged and old people alike who have all displayed these traits.

Whilst we commonly attribute aggressive behaviour to the New Commercial Van drivers of this world we would be wrong. In recent surveys almost every qualified driver that was questioned has admitted to risky driving behaviour, mainly speeding.

Next time you take to the roads, bear in mind the high factor of driver behaviour traits that cause accidents and stay extra vigilant.

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