Top Award for the Mondeo

Every year, ‘What Car’ magazine produces their annual Car of the Year Awards which are to help the public choose the right car at the right price. With over 4,200 new cars on sale it is no mean feat and they put every make and model under their close eye to scrutinise. They even review and judge used cars and this year the ubiquitous Ford Mondeo Taunton scooped the Used Car of the Year 2010 award.

A spokesman for What Car said of the popular Mondeo, “It’s hard to find fault with the Ford Mondeo – especially at the price. It’s a comfortable cruiser for covering motorway miles, yet it’s still great fun to drive and makes an extremely capable family car. There’s loads of cabin space, and it’s solid and well put together.”

The exact make that won was the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec five-door which has been estimated to be available to buy second hand for a competitive £8, 600 for a 2007 model, shaving an impressive £10, 000 off the price of a new Mondeo.

In these times of economic uncertainty, people are visiting Ford Dealer Taunton for a good deal and are often finding that used cars are increasingly popular as they are more affordable. Weighing up the benefits of buying a new car versus a used car can be difficult with both pros and cons to both, the What Car awards help the discerning customer make intelligent decisions and offer invaluable advice when it comes to a highly competitive market.

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