Driving in a winter wonderland

As it is fast approaching the festive period, most people are wishing for a white Christmas. There are of course quite a lot of people who are not. Many of those people are the kind that make regular trips in their cars and are often unprepared when it comes to driving in the winter conditions and are severely affected should it snow.

When you have had enough of mince pies and Christmas carols and decide to take a drive in your car to get away from relatives you gladly only see once a year there are a few tips to help you.

Firstly make sure you get to your car at least 10 minutes before you set off, give yourself plenty of time to make sure your car is safe and ready to drive. Should you find your lock frozen use a cigarette lighter to slowly heat your key, don’t breathe on the lock in the hope of defrosting it. This will only end up making it worse by freezing and condensing the moisture inside. Try to keep items in your car that might come in handy in case of emergency in the snow such as blankets, rugs, ropes and warm coats.

If it is icy and snowy then you know the feeling when you get into your car and are greeted by a sheet of ice across the windscreen. Many people will drive away with only a small square of glass defrosted giving them the visibility of a tank driver. With a decent de-icer and Ice scraper it can take next to no time to clear the windows.

Following these tips will get you out of your drive but sadly with everything shut over the Christmas period there aren’t a lot of places to go. Many people find that their cars are unreliable in the winter and decide to take a stroll to their local Ford dealership Taunton and look at adding a Ford Ka Taunton to their Christmas lists!

The Ford coupe is back

Ever since the Ford Cougar left Fords product line up in 2002 the company has not had a coupé on sale and certainly not one that could have kept up with the many established vehicles on sale. This is all set to change now as Ford have just announced it will be showcasing its new coupé model the Ford Focus coupé in January at the Detroit motor show.

Hoping to take the market by storm the Focus coupé is based on the Focus Mk III, which is already a great seller at forecourts including the Ford Focus Taunton dealership. The Focus coupé is set to not only become the flagship model for all new Ford models but also a replacement for its current three door hatchback.

From first glance you can tell that the Ford coupé is something special and contains a lot more than could be expected. At the front is a wonderfully stylish gaping grille and is matched at the other end with a sharp steep sloping windscreen. An interesting influence is the coupés C pillars; an obvious detail for those that remember the car manufacturer’s distinctive Capri model. Mix these fabulous stylish and urban features with its large alloy wheels, LED headlights and centred exhaust and you get a car that is worthy of taking over the coupé market for good!

Under the bonnet the coupe is based upon the Focus ST and shares the same 247bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged Eco Boost petrol engine.

Even though the vehicle is set to be unveiled early next year its production date is still in the air, many speculate that we could be seeing them for sale along side other new cars Taunton in 2012 at the earliest.

Checking your car before a long journey

For some people taking a long journey is a regular occurrence, many others are not so used to travelling for long periods and in turn are unsure exactly what to check and prepare before they set off. When we say things to check before a journey we certainly don’t mean what sandwiches or flasks we are bringing or if the kids have enough toys to keep them entertained.

These road trips can include anything from business meetings to family holidays and a breakdown or problem whilst journeying can easily turn a pleasant journey into an uncomfortable and time consuming experience.

One of the most important tips before taking a long journey is to make sure anything that needs to be repaired or maintained with your car is sorted out in advance so you don’t get any surprises whilst driving.

Checking your tyres is a very important step before taking a journey; start with checking your tyre pressures as this could lead to a blowout whilst driving at high speeds. Whilst examining your tyre pressure it is a good idea to check your tyres threads, should your vehicle not have been serviced for a long period then much of these steps can be carried out by a reputed auto specialist from a variety of different sources such as a Ford dealership.

Another tip when taking a long journey is to make sure that you have all of the documents you may need in an emergency such as your owners manual, insurance documents and car breakdown details.

You will of course have more peace of mind should you have a newer car and with so many great deals on New Ford Cars for Sale there has never been a better time to invest.

Car production in the UK rises

The society for motor manufacturers and traders (The SMMT) have just released figures that show car production within the UK has increased by just over 6% compared to last year. The statistics show that compared to October of last year the amount of cars being manufactured for demand both in the UK and globally has increased in what many in the industry are hoping to be a rising trend.

The UK car market is said to be very much inline with the global market and with such a strong product line up from many of the countries leading suppliers such as Ford Dealers has great potential to spiral the market upwards. The society has also added the exciting news that compared to the same period last year car production has risen by 31%.

This is all very good news for the UK car industry considering reports that the UK car sales market had fallen throughout current months. This drop was expected by everyone involved in the UK automobile industry as a direct result of the end of the countries scrappage scheme in March of this year.

The scheme was introduced in 2009 to help the motor industry and gave an incentive to potential car buyers in the UK to invest in a new car. The incentive was a cash reduction of £2000 on new car purchases including new Ford cars should a car of over 10 years be traded in. The £400 million investment was a great success and was a great needed boost to the industry in the short term.

Fancy a Ride in This?

Everybody loves a classic car, and how many times have you driven past a Porsche Dealership and considered stepping inside and just having a look at some of the beautiful models in there? Car magazines and the internet also offer some great images of rare and gorgeous cars so there’s no lack of place to go when you want to fantasize about motors.

Of course, there are rare and classic cars and there are the almost mythical cars. Vehicles of which so few exist that most people will never lay eyes on one. Even images of them aren’t particularly common, outside of grainy photographs taken by mysterious old men who will rave madly in pubs about seeing them before passing out from drink

One of these vehicles is the Bentley State Limousine, a car of which only two were made.

The best chance that most people have to see a Bentley State Limousine in action is by finding out the schedule of Queen Elizabeth and catching a glimpse of it as she travels between appointments. Of course, you’ll also get to see a selection of cars and motorbikes from the Royal Protection Squad if you do this.

The car itself was made by Bentley for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and has a mine-resistant floor, an armoured chassis, including armoured glass, and can be sealed against gas attacks. It also has a crest and pennant that can be illuminated and are normally fitted with the Royal Standard, though these can be changed for special events. When the Queen isn’t using the vehicle, it’s fitted with the standard flying B hood ornament of a Bentley, but this is swapped for St George slaying the dragon when she is on board.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t find this car in a Bentley Dealership.

Increasing the value of your boat through regular maintenance

A lot of people don’t appreciate the value that regular checkups can bring to your boat. As with cars, well maintained boats with a full service history will often have a much higher resale value, not to mention the other benefits such as lower fuel costs, better performance and having a great looking boat!

With this in mind there are a couple of small things you can do on a regular basis to help keep your boat in top condition, as well as reducing the chances of getting a nasty shock when things go wrong.

The first thing to cover is…

Get your boat serviced regularly

While there are some things you can do yourself, the one thing that is generally best left to the professionals in the servicing. Even if you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman, professional servicing will not only make sure that things are done correctly, but will also add to the value of the boat through the full service history.

Each boat will have different levels of servicing required at different intervals so the best thing to do is to check in the handbook for the manufacturers guidelines.

The advantage of the regular services is that they check a lot of the electronics that are vital to the smooth running of the boat. If these electronics and sensors are not checked correctly they can create some tricky situations. Imagine being out at sea with a fuel level sender that’s giving an incorrect reading and you can see how important it is to make sure these things are working.

Regular servicing offers peace of mind when it comes to these things, helping to avoid costly breakdowns and improve the general performance of the boat.

Things you do yourself

As well has having your boat serviced regularly there are a couple of things you can do yourself to help keep it running smoothly, as with all maintenance it’s important to run through the handbook maintenance. While these things apply generally, there may specific requirements for your kind of boat and knowing this beforehand is important.

Keep your boat clean

The cleaner your boat the better the performance. Keeping the hull clean can reduce drag in the water and lead to lower fuel costs and less strain on the motor. A regular clean can help reduce environmental damage and prevent stains that can be caused by a build up of dirt.

Check your oil

Clean oil can help to increase the performance on lifespan of your motor. Fortunately checking and changing the oil on a motor is not as difficult as you may imagine. There will most likely be detailed instructions in your handbook either for the boat or the motors depending on your situation.

Check your propeller

Fishing line caught round a propeller can be very damaging and regularly checking your propeller can help avoid any unnecessary expense.

Also be on the lookout for any physical damage to the propeller. This is another thing that can affect the performance of your boat and lead to increased fuel costs.

There are a whole load of things you can do to keep your boat in top condition. These are just a few things that can be done fairly easily and offer a great return on investment in terms of value, performance, running costs and lifespan.

This is a guest post by Ben from Fozmula Ltd, an international supplier of level measurement sensors, including coolant level sensors and fuel level senders.