Car production in the UK rises

The society for motor manufacturers and traders (The SMMT) have just released figures that show car production within the UK has increased by just over 6% compared to last year. The statistics show that compared to October of last year the amount of cars being manufactured for demand both in the UK and globally has increased in what many in the industry are hoping to be a rising trend.

The UK car market is said to be very much inline with the global market and with such a strong product line up from many of the countries leading suppliers such as Ford Dealers has great potential to spiral the market upwards. The society has also added the exciting news that compared to the same period last year car production has risen by 31%.

This is all very good news for the UK car industry considering reports that the UK car sales market had fallen throughout current months. This drop was expected by everyone involved in the UK automobile industry as a direct result of the end of the countries scrappage scheme in March of this year.

The scheme was introduced in 2009 to help the motor industry and gave an incentive to potential car buyers in the UK to invest in a new car. The incentive was a cash reduction of £2000 on new car purchases including new Ford cars should a car of over 10 years be traded in. The £400 million investment was a great success and was a great needed boost to the industry in the short term.

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