Driving in a winter wonderland

As it is fast approaching the festive period, most people are wishing for a white Christmas. There are of course quite a lot of people who are not. Many of those people are the kind that make regular trips in their cars and are often unprepared when it comes to driving in the winter conditions and are severely affected should it snow.

When you have had enough of mince pies and Christmas carols and decide to take a drive in your car to get away from relatives you gladly only see once a year there are a few tips to help you.

Firstly make sure you get to your car at least 10 minutes before you set off, give yourself plenty of time to make sure your car is safe and ready to drive. Should you find your lock frozen use a cigarette lighter to slowly heat your key, don’t breathe on the lock in the hope of defrosting it. This will only end up making it worse by freezing and condensing the moisture inside. Try to keep items in your car that might come in handy in case of emergency in the snow such as blankets, rugs, ropes and warm coats.

If it is icy and snowy then you know the feeling when you get into your car and are greeted by a sheet of ice across the windscreen. Many people will drive away with only a small square of glass defrosted giving them the visibility of a tank driver. With a decent de-icer and Ice scraper it can take next to no time to clear the windows.

Following these tips will get you out of your drive but sadly with everything shut over the Christmas period there aren’t a lot of places to go. Many people find that their cars are unreliable in the winter and decide to take a stroll to their local Ford dealership Taunton and look at adding a Ford Ka Taunton to their Christmas lists!

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