Fancy a Ride in This?

Everybody loves a classic car, and how many times have you driven past a Porsche Dealership and considered stepping inside and just having a look at some of the beautiful models in there? Car magazines and the internet also offer some great images of rare and gorgeous cars so there’s no lack of place to go when you want to fantasize about motors.

Of course, there are rare and classic cars and there are the almost mythical cars. Vehicles of which so few exist that most people will never lay eyes on one. Even images of them aren’t particularly common, outside of grainy photographs taken by mysterious old men who will rave madly in pubs about seeing them before passing out from drink

One of these vehicles is the Bentley State Limousine, a car of which only two were made.

The best chance that most people have to see a Bentley State Limousine in action is by finding out the schedule of Queen Elizabeth and catching a glimpse of it as she travels between appointments. Of course, you’ll also get to see a selection of cars and motorbikes from the Royal Protection Squad if you do this.

The car itself was made by Bentley for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and has a mine-resistant floor, an armoured chassis, including armoured glass, and can be sealed against gas attacks. It also has a crest and pennant that can be illuminated and are normally fitted with the Royal Standard, though these can be changed for special events. When the Queen isn’t using the vehicle, it’s fitted with the standard flying B hood ornament of a Bentley, but this is swapped for St George slaying the dragon when she is on board.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t find this car in a Bentley Dealership.

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