Be James Bond for $5 million

Who amongst us hasn’t dreamt of being James Bond from time to time with the international jet setting, the death defying job, the women and of course the glorious cars? Well for just a cool $5 million you can be James Bond, or you can at least drive his most iconic car.

The famous Aston Martin DB5, described as the most famous car in the world, was driven by Sean Connery in both the films Goldfinger and Thunderball.  The car in the best Bond tradition comes complete with many of Q’s very best gadgets. The DB5 come complete with smoke screen (great for avoiding speed cameras), a revolving number plate (a good trick when trying to confuse traffic wardens), a bullet proof shield (handy should you find yourself driving through any war zones), an oil slick sprayer (other motorists probably won’t appreciate this being used) and of course your very own machine gun (which is of course fake, though I would still avoid whipping is out unless you want to cause mass panic and get a visit from the police).

The iconic car was brought for just $12,000 back in 1969 but thanks to its association with James Bond the car has become one of the most expensive in the world. While this DB5 may be a little out of most peoples price range there are plenty of beautiful classic Aston Martins just waiting at an Aston Martin Specialist to be snapped up at much more reasonable prices, though of course they don’t come with Q’s handy gadgets.

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