Choosing a small car

Choosing a new car can be very difficult with so many models, types and styles available. Many people decide upon a smaller and more compact car then their last. There are numerous reasons why a small and more compact car can be to your advantage over one of the larger models available.

One of the main reasons that people choose a small car is that they are much more economical, this can be for both insurance and fuel efficiency. Smaller cars such as the Ford Ka are often much more fuel efficient due to their lower weight and lesser powered engines.

In the past people were put off investing in a smaller car as most did not have the features of larger and more expensive vehicles. Now you can expect as many if not more features within a car such as the Ford Fiesta, with items included as standard such as cruise control, heated front seats and deflation detection systems there has never been a better time to try out a small car.

Another great advantage of buying a small car is that they are much easier to drive, activities such as parking and reversing become much more controlled and easier due to the length of the vehicle and its lighter controls. Many learner or new drivers choose to invest in a smaller vehicle as they feel much safer and also a large number of vehicle tuition cars are small and compact.

There are many small and compact cars on the market that are ideal; you can get help and advice from Ford Dealers who stock a great range of new ford cars all year around.

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