Porsche’s Reputation for Excellence

Porsche has a long history in the automotive field. Over the course of Porches history the company has built a reputation for being a premier sports car manufacturer. Porsche has always done things a little different. When rear-engine cooling became a thing of the past for most auto manufactures, Porsche stuck with the technique and continued to do things their way. The most recognizable of the Porsche line of cars is the Porsche 911, today it still uses rear-engine technology.

Other models that are also developed by Porsche include the Cayenne, a mid-sized luxury SUV, the Panamera, a luxury sedan and the Boxter and Cayman which are sports cars. At the time Porsche entered the SUV market, the market for SUV’s was in decline. Even with that somewhat questionable decision, the Cayenne has been a success. In fact the Cayenne consistently ranks high in performance and reliability among luxury Sport Utility Vehicles.
Recently, Porsche have earnt the following awards:

  • The title of the most prestigious automobile brand was bestowed on Porsche brand by the Luxury Institute in 2006. This title was the result of a survey of households with an income level of at least 200,000 dollars.
  • In 2006, 2009 and 2010 JD Power and Associates, a well-know global marketing firm that ranks things such as customer satisfaction and quality, named Porsche as the highest ranked nameplate among automobile brands, in Initial Quality Studies.
  • Car and Driver magazine named the Porsche Boxter and the Cayman among the ten best vehicles for sale in the US

Porsche was founded by Professor Ferdinand Porsche with the main office in Stuttgart Germany. The first foray into business was not as a car manufacturer but rather as a consultant and development firm. One of the early assignments Porsche received was from the German government to design a vehicle for the people. The result of that design work was the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful vehicles ever made.

With all of the accolades that others have bestowed on Porsche the real quest for quality comes from within the company itself. Porsche operates on a philosophy it calls the Porsche Principle. The Porsche principal is about the company’s responsibility to the customer and to the heritage of the company.

The company philosophy is carried out all levels, from the corporate headquarters to your local Porsche dealership or Porsche dealer, the core principals of that drive the product line are quality, environmental protection, safety and fascination. With the high demands Porsche places on itself, the company’s reputation for excellence is well earned.

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