Sat Nav Blunder

For those many thousands of drivers across the world, the invention of the satellite navigation system was a true stroke of genius. Offering autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage it simply allows any car user to know where they are on any given road and where they need to go. Naturally, the journey from A to B for any Sat Nav user became increasingly more relaxed without the need of hand scribbled instructions and the use of an A-Z map.

Or so we thought. Despite the huge global success of Satellite navigation systems, there is still room for error, as many a LWB Transit Van driver will testify. From being led down dead end streets to finding themselves at an undetected roundabout with an array of slip roads, the sat navs have some history of causing a few problems, mainly when they haven’t been updated.

One Transit Van driver found himself in the biggest spot of bother recently having put his trust fully into his SatNav system only to find himself and his van stuck on top of a mountain. With no ability to either turn around or keep going the driver and his van needed to be airlifted out of the pickle they had got themselves into and away from danger.

The driver had acknowledged he was lost but just kept thinking the next turn the SatNav instructed would correct him and lead him back on the right track. Unfortunately, at no point did the SatNav do this or tell him in good time to turn around. It seems, even in this day and age, good old common sense cannot be underestimated!

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