The Limited Edition Ford Transit Sport

Many of you will have heard of the Transit Van, the most popular and practical panel commercial van ever. Its makers, the Ford Motor Group, are celebrating the Transit Vans 45th year of being Britain’s top selling van by releasing a limited edition model.

The limited edition model will be based on the Ford Transit Sportvan, the Sportvan was created in 2006 for customers seeking a much more performance based and streamlined commercial van. The vans themselves are very powerful and contain some very impressive features as standard, they are based upon Ford’s popular 260 short wheel based Transit model which is front wheel drive containing a 140PS 2.2-litre TDCi diesel engine with six-speed transmission.

The limited edition model comes in a wonderful Colorado red colour with white bonnet stripes. Adding to the stunning look of this Ford Transit Sport are a set of 18 inch alloy wheels and a twin exhaust.

The celebratory vans features are not just limited to the outside, several wonderful upgrades and additions have been included inside the cab. Velour trim, air-conditioning, heated mirrors, cruise control and a perimeter alarm are just a few features included as standard. The Ford Transit Sportvan will also be the first of Fords medium sized vans to include a DAB radio as standard.

Should the above still not be enough to give you the ultimate new commercial van then some optional extras are available such as leather trim seating and exterior, satellite navigation with a 5inch screen and LED cargo and daytime running lights.

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