The Must Have Van Safety items

As I am sure you will know that health and safety is very important, especially to van drivers. It is essential to be prepared for any kind of emergency or situation that presents itself and to have everything you will need to deal with it.

New gadgets and items are released frequently that really do incorporate great thinking to help you with any safety issues. As commercial van drivers spend much of their time either in vans or very close by, it can pay to have some of these items installed or at hand in case of emergency.

Roof Vents

Depending on what you will transport in your van you will need ventilation at some point, roof vents are available either as air driven or electric. They are very low profile and can be turned on whenever needed providing peace of mind. It is recommended for larger vehicles to have two roof vents to allow the air to circulate.

Load Restraints

When you are transporting items in your van it is essential to make sure that they are secure, this is not only for your own safety but also for the protection of the items! Load restraints can be fitted to commercial vans such as the Transit van or Ford Transit Connect to give more lashing points to secure goods.

First Aid kit

With van driving you can often find yourself in remote locations, so having a first aid kit can be a great help should you or someone else need medical attention. These kits can be wall mounted to conserve on space if needed.

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