The Transit van throughout the years

The Transit van has been the most popular and best selling light commercial vehicle in Europe for the past forty years. This popular panel van, manufactured by the Ford motor company has become such a household name and benchmark in commercial transportation that in some countries the term ‘Transit’ has become a generic term for a van or minibus in the transit vans size bracket.

The very first Ford Transit was made in 1953 and was called the FK1000; it was renamed to the Ford Taunus Transit in 1961, created in Germany this model continued right through to 1965.  The original model looked very much like what we would consider a camper van shape these days.

In 1965 the first proper van styled Transit was designed and built, utilising Fords English and German engineering efforts for the first time. The Transit van differed much in style from the then current mix of European commercial vehicles and contained several ‘American’ styled features and improvements, such as its broad tracks and countless number of body styles and wheelbases.

In 1978 a new face lifted model of the transit van was introduced to the UK, this model was commonly known as the mark2.  One of the largest cosmetic changes happened to the Transit van in January 1986; this change regarded the body shell and its one box design. Meaning, the windscreen and bonnet were both at the same angle, this design has continued right through to present day.

Over the years the Transits design has constantly been updated and improved upon to give the best performance, and with models such as the Ford Transit Connect they will continue to be as popular as ever.

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