Transit vans in great demand.

The popular Ford transit is in great demand these days, already a familiar addition to the UK’s roads it is set to become even more visible in future months. The national Gas supplier ‘British Gas’ that already uses Transit vans for its operations throughout the UK has just ordered 346 more of the units. It is thought that the poor weather conditions have played a major part in the company searching for the most popular and reliable van model available.

With almost 10,000 service calls per day the extra Ford Transit vans will certainly be used to their full capacity in what is becoming one of the coldest winters for many years.  The extra commercial vans will bring the total of Ford Transit vans within the company to over 1000.

The models that have been commissioned are the medium wheelbase versions with the extra addition of all wheel drive versions especially for use in the toughest of locations within the country. British Gas have praised the Transit van in the past for its low running costs and reliability so to invest in many more was certainly something that seemed very viable. The vehicles have all been manufactured in the UK at the Ford motor Plant in Southampton and the investment has been a great help to the countries economy.

The Ford Transit van is already celebrating its 45th anniversary this year and has since its introduction in 1965 sold well over 2.1 million units. With this in mind when it comes to buying a commercial Van from a specialised dealer such as Foray Vans, the Ford Transit will remain the front runner for many years to come.

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