Some great news for Ford!

The Car and van manufacturer Ford has just announced that in 2010 it made its highest annual profit in ten years. This certainly gives a lot of hope to car manufacturers showing that the economy is starting to strengthen from the recent lull.

The results from this announcement have also showed that for the second consecutive year The Ford Motor group have improved upon their previous profit figures but weighed in underneath the forecasted industry predictions. Something to note is that in America Ford were one of the only Car manufacturers that did not take advantage of the governments bail-out.

An official statement from the company read “This was Ford’s highest net income in more than 10 years, as strong products and new investments fuelled improvements in all of the company’s business operations around the world,”

Even the Ford chief executive commented “Our 2010 results exceeded our expectations, accelerating our transition from fixing the business fundamentals to delivering profitable growth for all,” “We are investing in an unprecedented amount of products, technology and growth in all regions of the world.”

Without a doubt this is great news for everyone involved in the motor industry, Ford announced that it made a profit not only in the American market but also throughout Europe. But by all means this has not been an easy feat for Ford as they have had to adapt a harsh and ruthless program of cost cutting.

This announcement is a result of car buying and investment throughout the world from minivan purchases in the US to Ford Focus Taunton sales in the UK.

Aston Martin’s Rapide Short Film – An End to This Travesty

WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers about the Aston Martin Rapide promotional short film. If you care in any way about this, do not read this post. Instead, seek professional help.

Time Travel. That’s what was in their little suitcase thing. Time Travel.

I groaned enough when MB had the horribly forced “What is time?” “Time is power” conversation, thinking the film’s makers couldn’t ram the point down my throat any harder.

Seconds later, I felt my stomach burst when it turned out they could. As if you hadn’t already got the message that the car saves you time and time is power, time is power, time is power, they then use literal time travel just to add that little bit of extra emphasis.

It was the video equivalent of chiselling your message into a piece of granite, underlining it twice and then slamming it against somebody’s head until they break down weeping, only able to repeat your marketing slogan even after years of therapy.

Thankfully, the Rapide itself has garnered some good reviews, and other quality models are still available from Aston Martin Dealers. I’d like to think that whoever is responsible for this film is now wishing they had some strange time travelling capsule from 2024 themselves, allowing them to escape from the office they’ve locked themselves in whilst the boss hammers on the door, letter of dismissal in hand.

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is the brand new luxury grand tourer from the German car marker and is designed to replace the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The SLS marks the first Mercedes to be designed in house at AMG and its styling is said to be inspired by the classic 300SL.

The car was first unveiled to the world in 2009 with sales beginning in 2010 for Europe and 2011 for the US. Despite not officially rolling off the production lines yet the car has already featured on the front of the hugely popular Gran Turismo 5 racing game and was the safety car for the 2010 F1 season.

For those who have fallen for the cars amazing looks you had better head to your Mercedes dealer to put your order in before the waiting list become too long.

Van sales keep on growing!

The van and truck industry within the UK is still moving slowly but surely away from the country’s recession. Figures have just been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders and show us that in December, last year registrations of commercial vans climbed up to just over 17000 units. That is 21.7% upward change, which is one of the strongest annual rates of growth ever seen within the industry.

In the report the society has mentioned that all but one month last year saw a rise in van sales which is a sign that business confidence is rising and that the construction sector is giving a new and improved output.

Light commercial vans (those that weigh up to two tonnes in weight) hit sales of 48,309 a rise of 41.4%. The medium van market also saw a great improvement last year with 27,520 units sold giving a rise of 21.2% percent compared to the year before.

The chief executive of the society of Motor manufacturers and traders, Paul Everitt is quoted as saying “While we still have a long way to go to get volumes back to pre-recession levels, we expect more growth in 2011 and 2012”. This good news is exactly what the society was hoping to hear as they formed with the task to promote and encourage the motor industry within the United Kingdom and Abroad.

This is great news for people who have been waiting for the right time to invest in a new commercial van such as a Ford Transit.

What is a Tachograph?

For those that are new commercial van owners or lorry drivers then you may not have heard of a tachograph before, in this article I will explain exactly how the device works and its purpose within the van and truck world.

Firstly, a tachograph is a device that is fitted to vehicles to record their vehicles speed over time. This is mainly installed in lorries and other large vehicles. A tachograph is commonly installed behind a vehicles speedometer and uses a stylus to record the vehicles information by means of a line that is drawn upon a moving paper disk. This paper disk is set out so that it does a full rotation during the space of twenty four hours. These types of device are very easily tampered with and as such are being replaced by a digital meter that is not only more secure but also much more reliable and precise.

Depending on your location within the world it may be mandatory to have a tachograph installed in your vehicle if it is used for commercial use, and you can be asked to make it available for inspection at anytime by any governing or policing bodies.

There are numerous reasons that a tachograph could be required in a van such as a Ford Transit Connect, rules such as restrictions on working hours whilst driving is one of the most important.

In some instances these devices are examined using a microscope should an accident involving the vehicle take place and can be of notable help to authorities when checking events prior to a collision.

Within the UK there are rules and regulations regarding driving hours, these are quite complicated and anyone with any questions regarding this are advised to contact the proper authorities such as VOSA and the Department for Transport.

Van drivers steer clear of junk food

Many people have the image of a van or lorry driver travelling throughout the day up and down the motorway, making stops at greasy spoon cafes and tucking into fried breakfasts and burger and chips with plenty of tomato ketchup. These days’ lorry and Transit Van drivers are making a conscious change to become much healthier as a recent survey has found out. The survey was carried out by drivers from all around the country by everyone from Ford Van Dorset drivers to London commercial van drivers.

One of the most popular car and van insurers recently carried out a survey on over 1200 van drivers around the country and has found some great upward trends on the nations ‘White van man’s’ eating habits. Over 66% of van drivers surveyed had started to change their eating habits and cut down on their junk food intake.

Details of the surveys results are broken down as follows;

A whopping 72% of van drivers said that they only ate junk food once per working week.

16% of van drivers questioned ate junk food twice per week.

8% of commercial van drivers said that they ate either three or more portions of junk food per week

Only 2% of drivers regularly stayed clear of junk food and always had nutritional and healthy meal at all times possible,

Results from the survey also show that as an alternative to junk food van drivers were enjoying sandwiches, almost 50% of drivers had turned to sandwiches as a result of trying to enjoy a healthier and more nutritional working lifestyle. Next popular was pasta, salad and then fish at only 2% of the surveyed answers.

Stress and your van

It’s a fact that driving can at times be very stressful, for many this only applies for a short part of the day but for those that spend most of their working hours in a van this can be very apparent. Picture yourself in a LWB Transit Van or a Connect Van on the road for many hours on end, there are bound to be things that you can do to reduce your stress levels with most being simple and quick to carry out.

Stay Clean

It is very easy to let your van get untidy; a clean van is a happy van I think the saying should go. It is especially true that smaller and cramped spaces are much harder to keep clean and with regards to van interiors this is no exception. It only takes a couple minutes to clean up any excess wrappers or other rubbish and the end result can make your journeys much more enjoyable and bearable.


Driving somewhere that you are not familiar with can be very stressful and with the help of a GPS device you can be sure that you can find your destination with the least amount of stress possible. Even if your usual daily driving patterns are familiar to you, should you be called to visit somewhere on the fly these electronic boxes of joy can help you keep your blood pressure down even on the busiest of routes.

Sitting position

It is very important that you keep yourself comfortable whilst driving especially on long journeys. There is a fine line between being relaxed and lying almost horizontal on the crew cab though.

Listen wisely

Music can be a great help or hindrance towards stress. Finding exactly what you enjoy and like to listen to can really help to keep you relaxed, be aware that driving to fast beats and heavy loud music can cause your blood pressure to rise at a very steady pace.

Mobile phone

As well as being illegal to answer your mobile phone device whilst driving, it is also a very high factor when it comes to stress levels. Allowing your phone to ring whilst driving gives you unnecessary stress and letting your phone go straight to answer phone until you are able to stop and respond to the query can indeed help blood pressure and stop stress building up.

Get your Ford Focus Tattooed soon

Tattoos are becoming very popular these days, so much in fact that even cars are getting them! Ford has just released information regarding specially designed ‘car’ tattoos for their upcoming 2012 Ford Focus. These tattoos are a great and inexpensive way to personalise your new car and feature many different designs ranging from swirling patterns to blinding racing stripes. There will be over 200 different vinyl designs available for the new model of Ford Focus with possibly many more to follow after its release in connection with its centenary this year.

The great advantage of the car tattoos compared to any custom paint work is that the transfers can be removed at any point without giving a sign of wear or tear. This can give younger drivers the opportunity to be able to personalise their car without the worry of it affecting value should they decide to sell it in the future.

Ford themselves have been promoting the Ford Focus Tattoos as a way of growing along with the car,

Manager of Ford Global Trends and Futuring Sheryl Connelly explained “People are holding on to their vehicles longer and the way we identify ourselves today may not be the way we want to express ourselves tomorrow. Customers can easily change tattoos as their life situation and style evolves.”

The new Ford Focus Taunton will be available in the near future along with other New Ford Taunton and will include improved features as standard giving you the ultimate driving experience at a great price.

Aston Martin Short Film – Our metaphorical car is now on its roof

After Aston Martin made part 1 of their car-wreck of a film available on their website last week, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Just what is MB up to? Who was that man in a flat cap who failed to react convincingly to a phone call? What’s in the case the foursome are carrying?

Well, you’ll be disappointed by Part 2 because none of those questions are answered. Instead, we get some useless padding made up of moneyshots of the car, rejected scenes from an army recruitment video, MB sat at a computer staring at what seems to be a music visualiser and a terrible fight sequence where slow, gentle taps of the elbow or fists send opponents collapsing to the floor, spasming in pain.

We also got the worst gun sound effects (even if it was supposed to be a silenced pistol) outside of a 1980’s videogame. Enjoy, and as this film continues you might want to start considering showing just how little you think of it and going to a Porsche dealership instead.

Ford Mondeo wins family car award

The Ford Mondeo has just received a very important award by Britain’s biggest car buying magazine and website. ‘What car?’ magazine has voted the newly redesigned model as the Best family and estate car for 2011.

The editor in chief of the magazine is reported to have said that the Ford Mondeo was brilliant and even more value for money than before. This is certainly an accolade for Ford who are already celebrating their centenary Year with great success.

Some of the publication’s praises about the Ford Mondeo include its great performance, for example when commenting on its pull it states that you would not feel like it was big and heavy car. Its handling is also remarked upon as a highlight, stating that on the motorway the car is remarkably at ease and continues that way not dependant on the type of road surface or terrain that it encounters.

There are 21 different types and versions of the Ford Mondeo with many different body styles and engine sizes. The Newly designed model features many new features including the Ford powershift transmission on many of its models. This innovative device not only helps to choose gears whilst driving but also helps with fuel conservation. The Mondeo also offers the next generation in engine type too. The Ford Ecoboost is a very powerful engine that improves performance by providing more torque and a large reduction in CO2 emissions, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.

With such a stunning and positive review it’s no wonder that people searching for New Ford Cars will be heading to their nearest Ford dealers to pick one of these up as soon as possible!