Aston Martin’s Rapide Short Film – An End to This Travesty

WARNING: This blog post contains spoilers about the Aston Martin Rapide promotional short film. If you care in any way about this, do not read this post. Instead, seek professional help.

Time Travel. That’s what was in their little suitcase thing. Time Travel.

I groaned enough when MB had the horribly forced “What is time?” “Time is power” conversation, thinking the film’s makers couldn’t ram the point down my throat any harder.

Seconds later, I felt my stomach burst when it turned out they could. As if you hadn’t already got the message that the car saves you time and time is power, time is power, time is power, they then use literal time travel just to add that little bit of extra emphasis.

It was the video equivalent of chiselling your message into a piece of granite, underlining it twice and then slamming it against somebody’s head until they break down weeping, only able to repeat your marketing slogan even after years of therapy.

Thankfully, the Rapide itself has garnered some good reviews, and other quality models are still available from Aston Martin Dealers. I’d like to think that whoever is responsible for this film is now wishing they had some strange time travelling capsule from 2024 themselves, allowing them to escape from the office they’ve locked themselves in whilst the boss hammers on the door, letter of dismissal in hand.

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