Aston Martin Short Film – Our metaphorical car is now on its roof

After Aston Martin made part 1 of their car-wreck of a film available on their website last week, we’ve all been eagerly awaiting the next instalment. Just what is MB up to? Who was that man in a flat cap who failed to react convincingly to a phone call? What’s in the case the foursome are carrying?

Well, you’ll be disappointed by Part 2 because none of those questions are answered. Instead, we get some useless padding made up of moneyshots of the car, rejected scenes from an army recruitment video, MB sat at a computer staring at what seems to be a music visualiser and a terrible fight sequence where slow, gentle taps of the elbow or fists send opponents collapsing to the floor, spasming in pain.

We also got the worst gun sound effects (even if it was supposed to be a silenced pistol) outside of a 1980’s videogame. Enjoy, and as this film continues you might want to start considering showing just how little you think of it and going to a Porsche dealership instead.

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