Ford Mondeo wins family car award

The Ford Mondeo has just received a very important award by Britain’s biggest car buying magazine and website. ‘What car?’ magazine has voted the newly redesigned model as the Best family and estate car for 2011.

The editor in chief of the magazine is reported to have said that the Ford Mondeo was brilliant and even more value for money than before. This is certainly an accolade for Ford who are already celebrating their centenary Year with great success.

Some of the publication’s praises about the Ford Mondeo include its great performance, for example when commenting on its pull it states that you would not feel like it was big and heavy car. Its handling is also remarked upon as a highlight, stating that on the motorway the car is remarkably at ease and continues that way not dependant on the type of road surface or terrain that it encounters.

There are 21 different types and versions of the Ford Mondeo with many different body styles and engine sizes. The Newly designed model features many new features including the Ford powershift transmission on many of its models. This innovative device not only helps to choose gears whilst driving but also helps with fuel conservation. The Mondeo also offers the next generation in engine type too. The Ford Ecoboost is a very powerful engine that improves performance by providing more torque and a large reduction in CO2 emissions, which in turn improves fuel efficiency.

With such a stunning and positive review it’s no wonder that people searching for New Ford Cars will be heading to their nearest Ford dealers to pick one of these up as soon as possible!

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