Get your Ford Focus Tattooed soon

Tattoos are becoming very popular these days, so much in fact that even cars are getting them! Ford has just released information regarding specially designed ‘car’ tattoos for their upcoming 2012 Ford Focus. These tattoos are a great and inexpensive way to personalise your new car and feature many different designs ranging from swirling patterns to blinding racing stripes. There will be over 200 different vinyl designs available for the new model of Ford Focus with possibly many more to follow after its release in connection with its centenary this year.

The great advantage of the car tattoos compared to any custom paint work is that the transfers can be removed at any point without giving a sign of wear or tear. This can give younger drivers the opportunity to be able to personalise their car without the worry of it affecting value should they decide to sell it in the future.

Ford themselves have been promoting the Ford Focus Tattoos as a way of growing along with the car,

Manager of Ford Global Trends and Futuring Sheryl Connelly explained “People are holding on to their vehicles longer and the way we identify ourselves today may not be the way we want to express ourselves tomorrow. Customers can easily change tattoos as their life situation and style evolves.”

The new Ford Focus Taunton will be available in the near future along with other New Ford Taunton and will include improved features as standard giving you the ultimate driving experience at a great price.

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