Stress and your van

It’s a fact that driving can at times be very stressful, for many this only applies for a short part of the day but for those that spend most of their working hours in a van this can be very apparent. Picture yourself in a LWB Transit Van or a Connect Van on the road for many hours on end, there are bound to be things that you can do to reduce your stress levels with most being simple and quick to carry out.

Stay Clean

It is very easy to let your van get untidy; a clean van is a happy van I think the saying should go. It is especially true that smaller and cramped spaces are much harder to keep clean and with regards to van interiors this is no exception. It only takes a couple minutes to clean up any excess wrappers or other rubbish and the end result can make your journeys much more enjoyable and bearable.


Driving somewhere that you are not familiar with can be very stressful and with the help of a GPS device you can be sure that you can find your destination with the least amount of stress possible. Even if your usual daily driving patterns are familiar to you, should you be called to visit somewhere on the fly these electronic boxes of joy can help you keep your blood pressure down even on the busiest of routes.

Sitting position

It is very important that you keep yourself comfortable whilst driving especially on long journeys. There is a fine line between being relaxed and lying almost horizontal on the crew cab though.

Listen wisely

Music can be a great help or hindrance towards stress. Finding exactly what you enjoy and like to listen to can really help to keep you relaxed, be aware that driving to fast beats and heavy loud music can cause your blood pressure to rise at a very steady pace.

Mobile phone

As well as being illegal to answer your mobile phone device whilst driving, it is also a very high factor when it comes to stress levels. Allowing your phone to ring whilst driving gives you unnecessary stress and letting your phone go straight to answer phone until you are able to stop and respond to the query can indeed help blood pressure and stop stress building up.

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