Van drivers steer clear of junk food

Many people have the image of a van or lorry driver travelling throughout the day up and down the motorway, making stops at greasy spoon cafes and tucking into fried breakfasts and burger and chips with plenty of tomato ketchup. These days’ lorry and Transit Van drivers are making a conscious change to become much healthier as a recent survey has found out. The survey was carried out by drivers from all around the country by everyone from Ford Van Dorset drivers to London commercial van drivers.

One of the most popular car and van insurers recently carried out a survey on over 1200 van drivers around the country and has found some great upward trends on the nations ‘White van man’s’ eating habits. Over 66% of van drivers surveyed had started to change their eating habits and cut down on their junk food intake.

Details of the surveys results are broken down as follows;

A whopping 72% of van drivers said that they only ate junk food once per working week.

16% of van drivers questioned ate junk food twice per week.

8% of commercial van drivers said that they ate either three or more portions of junk food per week

Only 2% of drivers regularly stayed clear of junk food and always had nutritional and healthy meal at all times possible,

Results from the survey also show that as an alternative to junk food van drivers were enjoying sandwiches, almost 50% of drivers had turned to sandwiches as a result of trying to enjoy a healthier and more nutritional working lifestyle. Next popular was pasta, salad and then fish at only 2% of the surveyed answers.

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