Your Next Ferrari Could Read Your Mind

Ferraris of the future could offer a very different driving experience to today’s Ferraris, or in fact any other car in the world. the super car maker already offer cars which are so finely tuned and responsive that they could almost be reading your mind, but for Ferrari this is not enough so they are prepared to go one step further. Which is why in a few years time when you pick up your new car from your Ferrari Dealer you can look forward to a few extras besides the amazing drive we have come to know and love.

It has recently been revealed that Ferrari has filed several patents for a range of biometric and psychometric sensors that monitor your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, blink rate, perspiration and most amazing of all it even monitors your brain activity. The patents suggest that these sensors will be fitted in the cabin to allow a constant monitoring of the drivers condition.

But why would a car ever need to know all of this information? Many people, including the boffins at Ferrari, believe people chose their driving settings, including adjusting traction control, according to what they like rather than how they are physically and mentally feeling. Sometimes this can lead to drivers choosing the wrong settings for their conditions, which can lead performance and driving issues. Ferrari hope that these new sensors will allow the car itself to choose the best driving settings for the person behind the wheel, allowing for the best drive possible.

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