A million pound van shopping spree!

I’m sure everyone knows how popular Ford vans are, especially the Ford Transit van which has won countless awards for its performance and value for money. It comes as no surprise that when companies decide upon which vehicles they want to be used in their fleets that Ford top that list time and time again.

The ESH group has recently joined the list of companies which have done just that! The group, who are the largest indigenous construction group in the North East of the UK, have recently revamped their fleet of vans and have invested in a large number of Ford commercial vehicles.

The acquisition which incorporated a total of eighty four new vans was part of a plan to revamp around 45% of the company’s commercial vehicles. The construction company invested in several different types of van and industrial vehicles including:

18 Ford Transits, short wheel based (econetic)

19 Ford Transits, long wheel based

17 Ford Fiestas (econetic)

As you can see thirty five of the new vehicles use the unique and ground breaking Ford econetic system. This system uses the latest technology to make the commercial van engines as fuel efficient as possible; these vehicles also help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. It is thought that with current fuel prices that a saving of up to £29,000 per year can be gained, that’s almost a 25% reduction in running costs alone.

The energy efficient Ford Transit vans are also being fitted with devices known as speed restrictors which could further reduce annual running costs as well make the driving experience much safer.

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