A most talked about car

It has just been announced that the Ford Focus is the most talked about car in Britain. The report has been released by one of the largest motoring magazines and websites and is great news for Ford Focus Taunton Dealers and customers alike.

Many people would imagine that the most talked about car at the moment would be something like a top of the range Porsche or Ferrari, but in fact the small Ford family car has beaten all others within the UK. On the ‘Auto Trader’ website there has been a staggering 250 reviews of the Ford Focus in the past two months. The popular compact car has actually taken the first and second place when it comes to being the most discussed car because of its slightly older generation model being taken into account too.

The news that the Ford Focus is one of the most popular cars at present time is certainly not new to anyone that knows just how fabulous the family/compact car is. The Ford Focus was first introduced in 1998 in Europe with its worldwide release in 2000. There has been over 9.2 million units of the car sold since its introduction and that alone shows just how popular the vehicle is.

The Ford Focus is all set for another chapter in its book too as in 2012 a new breed of the vehicle will be released. The Focus ST will be a much more performance driven model and was introduced last year at the Paris motor show. As you can expect there will be numerous upgrades such as exterior paintwork and design. You can be assured that this model will be talked about even more!

So why not visit your local Used Ford Taunton dealer and try a Focus today!

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