Aston Martin One-77 Debuts in London

You may have seen our recent series of posts regarding the Aston Martin True Rapide videos. I say regarding, I mean mercilessly mocking.

Aston Martin haven’t abandoned their traditional adverts though. The short film may have been an interesting venture for them, but producing dramatic, brooding shots of cars streaking along deserted roads will always have its place in the marketing of classic cars.

There are also the road demos, also frequently mixed with dramatic music, and those can double as publicity events for their cars. Let people know you’re shooting a video in London and watch as they gather around on their lunch breaks, as can be seen in this shaky video:

This “London Debut” provides an opportunity to shoot the car driving in the sort of environment it could well end up in, as well as letting the people who could afford it, ie. those working in the centre of London, a chance to see it up close, even if their view is obscured by cameramen. Now all we’re waiting for is something that shows it in other locations around the country. Perhaps near an Aston Martin dealership Surrey?

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