The Focus Hits Chicago

The Chicago Motor Show has been one of the worlds most important and extravagant car exhibitions since its first showcase back in 1901. Over one million people visit the show each year making it one of the most attended car shows in the world. In 2008 the Chicago Motor show celebrated its 100th show which is a first for any kind of Car exhibition show.

Each year at the Motor Show many motor companies decide to unveil new models or even revamped versions of previous models. This year is certainly no different as the Ford Motor company give car enthusiasts their first glimpse of their Ford Focus electric model. This wonderful, eco-friendly and futuristic car has been dubbed as the car that needs no maintenance by its makers. Sherif Marakby ,the Ford Motors Director was quoted as saying “About all the driver will have to do is charge up the battery pack and go. When you have moving parts, such as the gears in a transmission or the pistons in an engine, you have maintenance. With an electric drive, there are very few moving parts. And in the Focus Electric, the only moving parts are the motor and the wheels”.

The car is reported to have a minimal amount of regular maintenance involved with it, simple steps such as checking tyre pressures, filling up the windscreen wash tank and making sure that windows are as clean as possible is only needed.

This model may seem like a world apart from for example a used Ford Focus Taunton, but each and every Ford Focus is a wondrous buy. Now is the ideal time to test drive one of these new vehicles available from your nearest Ford Dealer Taunton.

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