Vans powered by vegetable oil? Whatever next?

You may have read in the news about the many different types of eco friendly fuel, much of this information is often surrounded in mystery and practical uses rarely seen. This could all be changing now as a UK Company are set to utilise a very economical and Bio friendly form of power. The Plant hire company A&V Squires have invested £75,000 in their own Bio-diesel fuel plant and are expecting to have many following suit.

The company who are one of the East Midland’s largest plant hire and earth moving contractors have started the process of running their fleet of Used Commercial vans including Transit Vans and Diggers on eco friendly fuel. They are expected to produce up to 150,000 litres of the Bio fuel each week, the fuel which is sourced in the form of used vegetable oil is expected to cut the companies CO2 emissions drastically.

Mark Wilkinson the plant manager of A&V Squires has explained their reason for investing in the scheme saying “We decided to make the investment in a bid to help minimise our impact on the environment. Producing our own bio-diesel should cut our carbon emissions by up to 25%. By converting used vegetable oil, we are taking it out of the waste stream where it can block drains and pollute waterways. It’s another great way to help the environment.”

The plant will be officially opened by the MP Patrick Mercer who has spoken about the company’s venture saying “I’m extremely honoured to be invited to officially open the new bio-diesel fuel plant. I’d like to congratulate A&V Squires in successfully transferring their vehicles and plant to bio-degradable diesel and, in doing so, helping to protect our environment”

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