Worlds First iPad Car

The world has recently seen the launch of the very first iPad equipped car. Land Rover has become the first car manufacturer to link up with Apple to fit the hugely popular iPad as standard in one of its vehicles.

The iPad will be fitted into the limited edition of the new Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition that will see just 500 vehicles made across the world. Two of the tablet devices will be attached to the front seatbacks where you would find a TV screen in other luxury car models. The iPads will flip out of the seat when passengers want to watch a movie, listen to music or surf the web, they will also be detachable. As if all that wasn’t enough passengers in the back seats will also get new console extensions with Apple keyboards, an aluminium table to put your laptop on and even a drink chillier to keep your bottle of bubbly nicely chilled.

It’s not just the inclusion of the iPad that make this Land Rover the height of luxury. The rest of the interior is as luxurious as you will find with high-end semi airline leather seats and even has leather on the door casings, steering wheel and on top of the dashboards. The interiors colour will come in either dark cherry or Arabica while on the outside you can choose from Roussillon Red or Otago Stone.

Once again it looks like Range Rover has come up with one of the must have 4×4’s. If you are not lucky enough to be one of the 500 new owners of the Autobiography Ultimate Edition then you can still buy a fantastic Range Rover from your Land Rover Dealer.

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