Car Costs go down!

As I am sure you will know the 2011 budget has just been announced and there isn’t really a huge amount to shout or celebrate about. But even with that in mind there are still a few positive changes that will affect motorists who have in recent times been complaining about ever increasing fuel and vehicles costs.

The Chancellor announced plans yesterday that fuel duty will be frozen until at least the year 2012 and that a decrease and cut of one pence per litre is to be brought in. Numerous public campaigns were formed by British motorists to protest against rises at the petrol pumps in recent months. The current state of affairs was even commented upon by George Osbourne the chancellor during his annual budget speech, My Osbourne mentioned that in the past six months it was costing families over £10 extra to fill up even a small economic car such as a Ford Focus.

Many people have already stated that the chancellor’s actions have stopped what could have become a summer of financial misery for drivers. To help to pay for many of the cuts and decreases in petrol prices the government introduced a £2billion tax on many North Sea oil companies which have been profiting from the price rise of Crude oil that has been slowly rising within the past year.

This is certainly good news for motorists up and down the country and is hoped to help with car sales for at least the rest of the year until another reform is decided upon. As well as giving hope to the motoring industry the budget gives dealerships around the country such as Ford Focus Taunton dealers will have much a more viable and potential markets to sell New Ford Taunton vehicles.

Introducing Ford’s new spokesman Doug

Spokesmen are often seen as suited, calm, collected and precise. That is until now, meet Doug the newest spokesman for the Ford Motor Company. He may be orange, outspoken and very loud but he is certainly a great highlighter of Ford vehicles and in particular the new Ford Focus 2012.

Doug is part of a very expensive and experimental online advertising campaign to highlight the Ford Focus 2012 and has so far become a great success for the company. Earlier this year Doug was introduced to the general public by Scott Monty who is Ford’s head of global digital and multimedia by means of a Twitter post. The post directed viewers to a video of Doug foiling a robbery, a great way to get the ball rolling on the advertising campaign. Already the YouTube video has had over 420,000 views and been linked and talked about through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

The online advertising campaign has increased at a very fast pace with Ford adding more and more videos to their YouTube channel. Viewers can catch a glimpse of Doug’s many other escapades such as press conferences, his tours of the Ford Focus and even him saving a choking victim!

The Digital marketing manager of Ford Jon Beebe has been keeping people up to date with Doug’s news and has announced that videos will be uploaded weekly during the next few months that will follow a storyline. One of the goals for the advertising campaign is to grab people’s attention and get them to try out a new Ford Focus Taunton or other New Ford Taunton vehicle.

Here is the first video that was released of Doug.

Celebrities and their cars

Cars can give a lot away about their owners and celebrities often have even more financial support to invest in the extravagant choices of vehicles available. While some stars go out of their way to invest in something out of the ordinary many celebrities choose trusted, tried and tested luxury vehicles.

Of course some celebrities do not care for cars and view their main use as a way to get from A to B, thankfully not all are like that and here are some of the more unusual and unique cars.

Much like cars some people are not to everyone’s taste, Simon Cowell the music producer and brains behind TV hits such as the X-Factor and has in his car collection the wonderful Bugatti Veyron. This amazing car is the most expensive modern car in the world and would set you back a whopping $2,600,000 and as you would expect is the fastest road legal car in the world.

The Ecojet Concept car is owned by US chat show host Jay Leno, this modern masterpiece was designed and built in collaboration between the chat show host and the Car manufacturer General Motors. Built with a gas turbine instead of a more traditional piston engine, the car is an incredible mechanical feat and was created not for car shows or demonstrations but to be driven on the road. The Ecojet is the ultimate in luxury and even features an onboard computer with two monitors that show everything from aircraft style gauges regarding the engine to a windows vista equipped PC for word processing and surfing. The Ecojet doesn’t have wing mirrors so the driver uses cameras to manoeuvre. All are controllable by voice recognition and touch screen.

With David Beckham’s move to the USA it’s only right that he invest in an American dream car. The footballer recently invested in a customised Chevy Camaro muscle car. Not only is the car a wonderful example of modern motor engineering and workmanship but also incredibly stylish and fast! David also had his Camaro personalised and customised by the Platinum motorsport company in Los Angeles. With its unique and distinctive matte gray finish the car was finished off by the addition of window grilles and big wheels!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get a great deal on a Ford Focus Taunton, there are many different new cars Taunton to choose from.

The New Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is known as one of the most popular options in the world when purchasing a 4×4 pickup truck. Already becoming as popular within the commercial vehicle market as the Ford Transit, the Ranger is set to have a new facelift both under the bonnet and in style.

The date and location for what is being noted within the industry as one of the most important unveilings this year from Ford is the Commercial Vehicle Show that is held each year in Birmingham in April. This will be the UK market sectors introduction with an earlier showing taking place at the Geneva Motor show later this month (March).

Steve Clary who is the director of Ford Commercial vehicles explained more regarding the vehicles new design “with the Commercial Vehicle Show reverting to its traditional format this year, we are delighted to be in attendance and supporting the message of innovation and development in road transport. We will be exhibiting a comprehensive range of our existing vehicles and some of our exciting future models. The show presents a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with many important customers.”

Many features are expected to have been improved upon or added to the new Ford Ranger such as:

New body styles will be introduced including a 4×2, 4×4 drive trains style and differing drive heights.

The new Ranger line will also be seeing a greater choice in engine sizes when it is released later this year. Engine sizes such as a 3.2 and 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi Turbo Diesel type will not only boost performance but also help with Fuel economy.

More Eco Friendly Van Options from Ford

These solutions have in the past have been limited to new models of saloons and other small to medium cars. For those in the commercial van industry good news is circulating that a new initiative by the Ford Motor Group is being launched that will encompass many different types including vans.

A starting block for the new range of commercial vans will be the 2011 Ford Transit which will have many different types of eco engine options available. Already Ford have released figures on the fuel savings and economical benefits of the van, figures showing that over 80,000 miles it could well save over £3,680 compared to van of the same size without an Econetic engine.

As with any cutting edge technology within the motor industry the system is more expensive then ordinary diesel vehicles. During the Commercial Van motor show Ford will be offering advice and training to employees from Ford Commercial Dealerships to help them promote their new vehicles and the principles behind them.

Now that Ford are introducing many more eco friendly van engines they are helping themselves by working towards the recent European Commissions rulings that CO2 emissions should be 175g/KM by the year 2017.

This is quite a daunting task for Fords commercial department as their largest source of income comes from the sale of large panel vans and have commented themselves that the ruling may in fact force fleet owners to invest in smaller vehicles due to pricing in the future to due to the recent ruling.

Used Van values increase

A report just released by the British car auctions association has shown an increase in Used Commercial Vans and other Vans for Sale across the spectrum. The figures show that in January 2011 a sharp increase occurred in used vehicle values. This is thought to be due to the last few months’ weather conditions when much of the country was blanketed in snow.

The figures released by the organisation are certainly good news for the motoring industry as a whole and is also a welcome news to van suppliers. On average the value of a second hand used light commercial van has increased by 3.8% (£155) which also brings the figure back to the same price it was in June 2010.

The general manager of commercial vehicles at the BCA Duncan Ward commented “Demand improved significantly in January following a tough end to the year, although there are still some issues relating to poor stock mix affecting the market. After the general shortage of Light Commercial Vehicles seen throughout 2010, the market has seen a large influx of vans from business failures and liquidations, many in poor condition or with a low specification.”

The general manager also commented on future trends saying “We usually see an upturn in interest and demand in the first three months in any year, but concerns remain that the increase in volume will have a dampening effect on the overall market. Conversions and prices have improved, but perhaps not to the level they might have done. Buyers have remained consistently upbeat and willing to bid on almost everything, while only pushing the barriers on the exceptionally clean, rare or low mileage vehicles.”

On the subject of VAT and other current financial climate aspects Mr Ward commented “As predicted the VAT increase has had little or no effect on the B2B marketplace. However, LCVs offered without VAT are clearly even more attractive to private buyers and trade buyers hoping to retail to a non-VAT registered customer.”

Unveiled: The electric Connect transit

Many car and van manufacturers around the world are beginning to incorporate eco friendly fuel and power systems to their new designs. Many manufacturers are still designing and only just releasing details of their planned vehicles whilst companies like Ford have already been road testing electric and CO2 friendly versions of their already popular commercial vans.

At the Geneva motor show this month, Ford have just announced that a version of the company’s very successful light commercial van the Ford Transit Connect has been adapted to be powered by Electricity. The model that was demonstrated at the motor show was one of several that is currently being tested with the UK and is based on the Transit Connect Kombi.

Bill Ford, the executive chairman for the Motor Company told attendees of the motor show “By providing a variety of electrified vehicles, we are making it easier for our customers to embrace this fuel-saving technology. This strategy is true to our heritage of making innovative technology available to as many people as possible and to our vision of developing great products, building a strong business and contributing to a better world.”

One of the great advantages of running an electric commercial van is the saving of fuel costs and many of the other everyday expenses of running a commercial vehicle. The Transit Connect is already one of the most popular vans for sale and offers great value for money, a very spacious payload area and seems like the ideal choice for Ford to use as a flagship light commercial vehicle within the electric van market.

Bentleys Icy with New Model

Bentley has celebrated its recent record breaking ice speed attempt with the launch of a special edition model. The Bentley Continental Superspots “Ice Speed Record” Convertible was unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show and sports the most powerful engine ever to be found in a Bentley and produces an impressive 631 bhp. The convertible reaches 0 – 60 in just 3.8 seconds and in just 9.5 seconds you will find yourself doing 100 mph.

The Ice Speed Record Convertible comes in a choice of two colours, Beluga, Quartzite and Artica White. The soft top comes with a composite weave of semi-transparent grey acrylic fibres creating its own dark grey metallic finish. You will also find a set of dark 20-inch alloy wheels.

Inside you will find both traditional and modern materials. In the seat facing, quarter panels and doors diamond quilted Alcantara has been used, on the roof panel and dashboard a high gloss carbon fibre with a red weave has been used. A black 20-inch Supersport wheel can also be found.

To get your hand on this special Bentley or any other the other equally amazing Bentley cars why not visit a Bentley specialist.

The ice speed record was set by the Finnish rally driver Juha Kankkunen, who reached an amazing speed of 205.48 mile per hour in the Bentley Continental Supersport across the frozen Baltic Sea. This smashed his previous record of 199.83 mph set in the Bentley Continental GT.

Watch the video below to see the amazing record for yourself.

Top Gear Review Bentley Continental Supersports

Hopefully, you’ve seen our post about Bentley’s World Ice Speed triumph and the memorabilia that has been made available because of it. Well, now thanks to Top Gear you can get a taste of how the car itself drives.

Whilst this might make you want to rush down to a Bentley dealership and put down an order, the £163,000 price tag means that for most of us this review will be the closest we get to actually driving the thing.

Still, for the moment you can enjoy the ridiculous Top Gear review introduction and then listen to seven minutes of Jeremy Clarkson droning on as his tonation rises hypnotically up and down, lulling you into a state of brainless activity.

And, just to nip a particular question in the bud (one that has been cropping up repeatedly in discussions of this review), the song used at the end is ‘Dulcet Zone’ by Inky Blackness.

Bentley Celebrates its Ice Speed Record

Bentley have broken the World Ice Speed Record, achieving a top speed of 202 MPH with their biofuel based Continental Supersports Convertible. This remarkable feat is a great publicity stunt for Bentley demonstrating just what their biofuel models are capable of and drumming up interest in the limited run of 100 Continental Supersports Convertibles that are available.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these cars you better act fast and have the money to back you up. Those hundred models are sure to be flying off the shelves at Bentley dealers around the world, so pretty soon you’ll have missed your chance to get in on the ground floor of such an important event in the motoring world.

Should you feel that you’re not quite able to purchase one of these models at the current time, perhaps you should consider looking into getting a pre owned Bentley. Every car in their range exudes style so you’d barely be settling at all.

If you still think that might be a splurge too much there are a limited run of 1000 watches designed by watch maker Breitling for Bentley. These have more hands on their face than somebody who gets slapped a lot, and they give read outs on all sorts of things. Personally, I doubt I could even tell the time from one as the thing looks incredibly cluttered, but it is certainly a way of joining in with Bentley’s triumph, weep though your wallet (and friends) may.