Bentley Celebrates its Ice Speed Record

Bentley have broken the World Ice Speed Record, achieving a top speed of 202 MPH with their biofuel based Continental Supersports Convertible. This remarkable feat is a great publicity stunt for Bentley demonstrating just what their biofuel models are capable of and drumming up interest in the limited run of 100 Continental Supersports Convertibles that are available.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these cars you better act fast and have the money to back you up. Those hundred models are sure to be flying off the shelves at Bentley dealers around the world, so pretty soon you’ll have missed your chance to get in on the ground floor of such an important event in the motoring world.

Should you feel that you’re not quite able to purchase one of these models at the current time, perhaps you should consider looking into getting a pre owned Bentley. Every car in their range exudes style so you’d barely be settling at all.

If you still think that might be a splurge too much there are a limited run of 1000 watches designed by watch maker Breitling for Bentley. These have more hands on their face than somebody who gets slapped a lot, and they give read outs on all sorts of things. Personally, I doubt I could even tell the time from one as the thing looks incredibly cluttered, but it is certainly a way of joining in with Bentley’s triumph, weep though your wallet (and friends) may.

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