Car Costs go down!

As I am sure you will know the 2011 budget has just been announced and there isn’t really a huge amount to shout or celebrate about. But even with that in mind there are still a few positive changes that will affect motorists who have in recent times been complaining about ever increasing fuel and vehicles costs.

The Chancellor announced plans yesterday that fuel duty will be frozen until at least the year 2012 and that a decrease and cut of one pence per litre is to be brought in. Numerous public campaigns were formed by British motorists to protest against rises at the petrol pumps in recent months. The current state of affairs was even commented upon by George Osbourne the chancellor during his annual budget speech, My Osbourne mentioned that in the past six months it was costing families over £10 extra to fill up even a small economic car such as a Ford Focus.

Many people have already stated that the chancellor’s actions have stopped what could have become a summer of financial misery for drivers. To help to pay for many of the cuts and decreases in petrol prices the government introduced a £2billion tax on many North Sea oil companies which have been profiting from the price rise of Crude oil that has been slowly rising within the past year.

This is certainly good news for motorists up and down the country and is hoped to help with car sales for at least the rest of the year until another reform is decided upon. As well as giving hope to the motoring industry the budget gives dealerships around the country such as Ford Focus Taunton dealers will have much a more viable and potential markets to sell New Ford Taunton vehicles.

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