Celebrities and their cars

Cars can give a lot away about their owners and celebrities often have even more financial support to invest in the extravagant choices of vehicles available. While some stars go out of their way to invest in something out of the ordinary many celebrities choose trusted, tried and tested luxury vehicles.

Of course some celebrities do not care for cars and view their main use as a way to get from A to B, thankfully not all are like that and here are some of the more unusual and unique cars.

Much like cars some people are not to everyone’s taste, Simon Cowell the music producer and brains behind TV hits such as the X-Factor and has in his car collection the wonderful Bugatti Veyron. This amazing car is the most expensive modern car in the world and would set you back a whopping $2,600,000 and as you would expect is the fastest road legal car in the world.

The Ecojet Concept car is owned by US chat show host Jay Leno, this modern masterpiece was designed and built in collaboration between the chat show host and the Car manufacturer General Motors. Built with a gas turbine instead of a more traditional piston engine, the car is an incredible mechanical feat and was created not for car shows or demonstrations but to be driven on the road. The Ecojet is the ultimate in luxury and even features an onboard computer with two monitors that show everything from aircraft style gauges regarding the engine to a windows vista equipped PC for word processing and surfing. The Ecojet doesn’t have wing mirrors so the driver uses cameras to manoeuvre. All are controllable by voice recognition and touch screen.

With David Beckham’s move to the USA it’s only right that he invest in an American dream car. The footballer recently invested in a customised Chevy Camaro muscle car. Not only is the car a wonderful example of modern motor engineering and workmanship but also incredibly stylish and fast! David also had his Camaro personalised and customised by the Platinum motorsport company in Los Angeles. With its unique and distinctive matte gray finish the car was finished off by the addition of window grilles and big wheels!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get a great deal on a Ford Focus Taunton, there are many different new cars Taunton to choose from.

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