Introducing Ford’s new spokesman Doug

Spokesmen are often seen as suited, calm, collected and precise. That is until now, meet Doug the newest spokesman for the Ford Motor Company. He may be orange, outspoken and very loud but he is certainly a great highlighter of Ford vehicles and in particular the new Ford Focus 2012.

Doug is part of a very expensive and experimental online advertising campaign to highlight the Ford Focus 2012 and has so far become a great success for the company. Earlier this year Doug was introduced to the general public by Scott Monty who is Ford’s head of global digital and multimedia by means of a Twitter post. The post directed viewers to a video of Doug foiling a robbery, a great way to get the ball rolling on the advertising campaign. Already the YouTube video has had over 420,000 views and been linked and talked about through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

The online advertising campaign has increased at a very fast pace with Ford adding more and more videos to their YouTube channel. Viewers can catch a glimpse of Doug’s many other escapades such as press conferences, his tours of the Ford Focus and even him saving a choking victim!

The Digital marketing manager of Ford Jon Beebe has been keeping people up to date with Doug’s news and has announced that videos will be uploaded weekly during the next few months that will follow a storyline. One of the goals for the advertising campaign is to grab people’s attention and get them to try out a new Ford Focus Taunton or other New Ford Taunton vehicle.

Here is the first video that was released of Doug.

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