More Eco Friendly Van Options from Ford

These solutions have in the past have been limited to new models of saloons and other small to medium cars. For those in the commercial van industry good news is circulating that a new initiative by the Ford Motor Group is being launched that will encompass many different types including vans.

A starting block for the new range of commercial vans will be the 2011 Ford Transit which will have many different types of eco engine options available. Already Ford have released figures on the fuel savings and economical benefits of the van, figures showing that over 80,000 miles it could well save over £3,680 compared to van of the same size without an Econetic engine.

As with any cutting edge technology within the motor industry the system is more expensive then ordinary diesel vehicles. During the Commercial Van motor show Ford will be offering advice and training to employees from Ford Commercial Dealerships to help them promote their new vehicles and the principles behind them.

Now that Ford are introducing many more eco friendly van engines they are helping themselves by working towards the recent European Commissions rulings that CO2 emissions should be 175g/KM by the year 2017.

This is quite a daunting task for Fords commercial department as their largest source of income comes from the sale of large panel vans and have commented themselves that the ruling may in fact force fleet owners to invest in smaller vehicles due to pricing in the future to due to the recent ruling.

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