Smartphone’s and Ford cars combine

The Ford Motor company has just announced that it will be utilising the power of Smartphones in some of its up and coming models. Features such as voice activated sound systems and greater control of Smartphone features whilst driving are just some of the announced enhancements on new cars for sale from Ford Dealerships around the country within the year.

At the CeBit digital trade show visitors were informed by Fords CEO and President Alan Mullaly that the company was developing a system to give Ford drivers the chance to explore the possibilities of incorporating the latest Smartphone technologies within vehicles. An installed media hub will allow much of this to happen and will feature all of the connections you will need such as USB slots and an RCA jack amongst others.

Ford are actively seeking drivers to use a large and varying amount of devices with the system to really get the best out of ‘Sync’. The system will be entirely open platform meaning that users will receive updates for free. Operating across over 19 languages and utilising over 10,000 different voice operable commands sync is set to be released at no extra charge on 10 different Ford models in 2012.

Visitors to the trade were treated to a demonstration of the sync system by the lead designer of the systems interface Jason Johnson. Throughout the demonstration the designer showed off the syncs voice recognition system, this included in car entertainment such as radio and DVD, satellite navigation technology and even the car’s climate control. A great example was shown when the driver said ‘I’m hungry’ to which the sync system offered him options on places to dine in the area based on Michelin guides.

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