Top Gear Review Bentley Continental Supersports

Hopefully, you’ve seen our post about Bentley’s World Ice Speed triumph and the memorabilia that has been made available because of it. Well, now thanks to Top Gear you can get a taste of how the car itself drives.

Whilst this might make you want to rush down to a Bentley dealership and put down an order, the £163,000 price tag means that for most of us this review will be the closest we get to actually driving the thing.

Still, for the moment you can enjoy the ridiculous Top Gear review introduction and then listen to seven minutes of Jeremy Clarkson droning on as his tonation rises hypnotically up and down, lulling you into a state of brainless activity.

And, just to nip a particular question in the bud (one that has been cropping up repeatedly in discussions of this review), the song used at the end is ‘Dulcet Zone’ by Inky Blackness.

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